July 29, 2013


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Welcome to The Butter Compartment, my personal blog about living with type 1 diabetes and other shenanigans. I’m Lee Ann Thill, diabetes advocate, mental health advocate, art therapist, artist, doctoral student, wife, dog mom, and all-around promoter of engaging in creative activities to transform diabetes into something personally meaningful. Blogging has been a vehicle for me to connect with others, advocate, vent, find humor and hope, learn from my mistakes, share what I have learned, and make meaning of diabetes.

As of August 2013, some content is restricted to registered users. Limiting access to some content was a difficult decision that I made for professional reasons. If you have diabetes, care about someone with diabetes, are genuinely interested in my experience with type 1 diabetes, or you’re my friend or family member, I hope you’ll register. To register, you will have to answer a trivia question, after which you will have access to the entire website. The trivia question is to keep the spammers and those with less than genuine intentions from registering. If you are from outside the diabetes world, and need help registering, or you have other issues with registration, please email me. Thank you for understanding my need to limit access to some content. Your readership is very important to me.

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Peace and love,
Lee Ann

Last modified: August 2013

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