December 7, 2009

The Results: Click & Comment for a Cause

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I started November, American Diabetes Month, saying I wanted to celebrate the month by donating to two of my favorite diabetes charities. The Behavioral Diabetes Institute and Diabetes Hands Foundation are small relative to the big diabetes organizations, but I think the work they do is no less valuable. I have directly benefited from their work in many ways, and it’s important to me that I support them because I want them to flourish so they can have a positive impact on others who can benefit from their work.

I got all my inspiration from Rachel at Tales of My 30′s, so I want to give her props. Following her lead, I decided to donate a quarter to the Behavioral Diabetes Institute for every comment left on the blog during the month of November. Yesterday, I finally sat and calculated, omitting pingbacks and comments I left in response to others’ comments. The grand total came to 283 comments, which means I am donating $70.75 to BDI.

Similarly, I said I would donate a quarter to Diabetes Hands Foundation for every page hit I got on World Diabetes Day. I actually tallied this and posted it a day after the fact, but it was just a footnote at the end of a post. Since I’m posting about the fundraising total for BDI today, I wanted to re-post the total for DHF in case you missed it and were wondering. On November 14th, there were 234 page hits which means I’m donating $58.50 to DHF.

Because it’s the holidays and money is tight this time of year, it will be later in December or early January before I can actually donate the money, which I felt like I should disclose, but once our Christmas spending is done, I will be making both donations. It’s not a ton of money, but it’s something extra that I believe will be put to good use by a couple of diabetes organizations that I hope to see grow and continue to help people with diabetes, and in turn, help the the entire diabetes community.


I know there’s less blog reading on the weekends because what better place to read blogs than at work during the week (I won’t tell on you, I swear!), so in case you missed Saturday’s post, please check it out. While I was not in good spirits on Friday, eventually, my mood improved, and I felt inspired to do a little something for the people who always help when I’m feeling blue. Psst… that’s you!

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4 Responses to “The Results: Click & Comment for a Cause”

  1. Leighann says:

    I don’t read at work…ahem…don’t look at the time stamp!

    I actually do some reading on my phone while my daughter is on the playground after school. Which is why I don’t always comment…too hard to hunt and peck on the phone.

  2. karen says:

    Hello. I am Karen Wallace an art therapist living and working in Regina SK. Canada. My passion right now is teaching Focusing Oriented Art Therapy. My website is :
    Blog: Art Therapy Reflections
    I found your blog interesting. Warmly, Karen

  3. Joe Mullock says:

    Hi Lee Ann…I rarely have a specific comment, but I do read your blog when I get a chance. Healthcare in general is one of my pet issues, and I learn a lot about the trials and tribulations of living with diabetes from reading your posts.

    Also, would you be willing to accept contributions to support your donations to BDI/DHF? Amy and I are fortunate to have a lot of generous friends–we certainly like to support their worthwhile causes where we can (you can DM me on FB or Twitter, if you’d like)…

  4. Guilty as charged but I work on the weekends as well and my off say is monday so I am actually reading blogs and blogging seven days a week. Good thing my job is one that I have to be online all day long and my boss is Mr. cool, otherwise I would be lost.
    That having been said, this was a very unique Idea and we can all do more for diabetes research and I am inspired while I have always given for diabetes research I am now in the process of volunteering for a great organization here in Cleveland called the Diabetes association of greater Cleveland. I hope more people get Inspired too to do more.

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