August 27, 2010

Diabetes Art Day: Extra Inspiration

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We’re getting down to the last few days before Diabetes Art Day with only five days left to get painting, drawing, computer-art-making, googly-eyes-gluing, or whatever ideas you’ve been brewing. I’ve already gotten a sneak peak at some early creations, and it’s got me in a tizzy of delight in anticipation of the DOC bursting with artsyfartsy goodness next Wednesday.

For those of you still wary, despite my words of encouragement and assurance that you need not have an artistic fiber in your body to participate, I have a wonderful incentive to offer thanks to the support of Diabetes Hands Foundation and TuDiabetes.

Everyone who participates and links back to me will be eligible to win a copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry! It might feel a little déjà-vu-ish since I gave out a couple of copies in a different art for poetry raffle last week, but just consider this No-Sugar Added Poetry Raffle: Part Deux, Electric-boogaloo. (Sorry, I know it’s a dated reference, but my 30- and 40-something readers will hopefully appreciate my corny sense of humor.)

Free at Walgreens, 'Diabetes & You'

Free at Walgreens, 'Diabetes & You'

Basically, there are five copies of the book, graciously donated by DHF to encourage participation in Diabetes Art Day. If you make art for Diabetes Art Day, add a link back to The Butter Compartment. I think chances are pretty good that I’ll come across your art anyway because I’ll be out and about looking for it, but the link is to help ensure that I see it so your name gets added to the raffle. I’m hoping the art will be so prolific that it’ll take a couple of days to gather all the names of the participants, but once I do that, I’ll randomly choose five names to receive No-Sugar Added Poetry!

More tidbits regarding Diabetes Art Day:

If you are a member of Diabetes Daily, David created a group, conveniently called, Diabetes Art Day. This is the place to display your work on DD, so click to join, and you’ll be good to go.

If you are a member of dLife, I created a group called Art of Diabetes. I made the group with the hope that people would use it year-round, but it is the ideal place to showcase your Diabetes Art Day work as a member of the dLife community.

I was in Walgreens today, and usually when I’m there, I try to grab a few of the free diabetes magazines they have in the pharmacy department because making collages is fun and easy, and even people who don’t like making art, or are otherwise anxious or intimidated by making art, seem to have fun making collages. If you’re interested in making a collage for Diabetes Art Day, I encourage you to head to your local Walgreens if there’s one close enough, and grab a few copies of this magazine. If you have scissors, clear tape or glue, and a piece of paper at home, you’ve got everything you need to make a fabulous Diabetes Art Day project!

In addition to diabetes trash, and magazines, if you’re looking for more materials you probably have right under your nose, try using nutrition labels and food packaging. Your kitchen is probably full of them, and nothing says life with diabetes like a collection of carb, calories, fat and sodium content. It’s not exactly a happy truth, but it’s part of life with D, so maybe you can convert it into an artistic statement.

And on that note, I hope you have a great weekend, that maybe includes a little art-making!

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7 Responses to “Diabetes Art Day: Extra Inspiration”

  1. deanusa says:

    collages!!! oh no! lol i forgot all about them!!
    what i will say though is i had fun doing some art.i had a idea, a big idea. in fact to big for the camera.what i ended up with was so far removed from when i started i was laughing.i was exhausted because i went through every emotion!!
    what little mind i have was cleared of all worries while “working”.
    thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

  2. Ellen says:

    This is doubly inspiring. I created a collage and have my blog post ready (after not blogging since April) to publish on D-Art Day. Thank you so much Lee Ann!

  3. Traci says:

    My picture may not be pretty, but I’m looking forward to participating in DArtDay.

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