November 5, 2011

Happy First Blue Friday!

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I’m late to post, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Blue Friday! If you’re a DOC’er, you probably know about Blue Fridays in November. I know I have some family and friends that occasionally read though, and you might not know about Blue Fridays, an initiative started by my friend Cherise of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, encouraging people to wear blue on Fridays in November and World Diabetes Day, November 14th, to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day, and help raise awareness for diabetes.

My ensemble today consisted of the following: blue cargo pants, my blue ‘O is for Outrage’ t-shirt from the International Diabetes Federation, a navy blue cardigan, blue striped socks, two blue rubber JDRF ‘CURE diabetes’ bracelets, blue sparkly earrings and bracelet (the same ones I wore when Jason and I got married in Vegas), a couple of blue hair extensions, the blue hair dye I told you about a few days ago, two blue WDD circle pins, and some sparkly blue nail polish.

I wasn’t satisified with teh idea of wearing shoes that weren’t blue though, so Jason and I went to the mall in search of blue sneakers last night. I wasn’t too pleased with the shades of blue I found though. There were some Converse sneakers in a true blue hue, but I couldn’t justify spending almost $50 on sneakers that I likely wouldn’t wear beyond November. Today I ran over to DSW on the off chance they’d have something more to my liking, and while I didn’t expect to find anything, I was delighted to find navy blue Converse sneakers which were more my style than those bright blue ones I’d found the night before. Once I had those, my ensemble was complete.

While I was able to snap these photos, including the one with my feet in the air to show the sky was also in the Blue Friday spirit, I didn’t get a proper full body photo because in the early evening, I had a nasty low blood sugar, and sweated through my t-shirt and cardigan. Luckily, there are more Blue Fridays to come though, so I’ll have more chances for more photos. If you didn’t get all blued up, you too still have several chances to don your bluest apparel, and tell the world you or someone you love has diabetes! Just blue it!


3 Responses to “Happy First Blue Friday!”

  1. Jeff says:

    I *love* the blue streak!

  2. Mike Hoskins says:

    Love the blue streak, Lee Ann! Suzi wore some blue socks on Friday.. not sure if she had to kick anyone at work to show them off, though. All in the name of D-Advocacy and Awareness!

  3. shannon says:

    i’ a converse girl through and through and i was rockin’ my blue ones on friday too. love the pics!

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