September 4, 2013

30x30x30: Day 4

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Back in August, my sister-in-law and her family were in town, and Jason and I had the pleasure of babysitting our 5-year old niece and 19-month old nephew. My niece likes to introduce herself as an artist, so I was super excited to do an art project with her. I decided to do produce prints – fruits and veggies, cut in half, and a few custom-cut potato stamps, dipped in craft paint, and printed on paper. Naturally, we made the most splendid mess.

Aunt Lee Lee's Art Camp

Aunt Lee Lee’s Art Camp

Today’s 30x30x30 artwork was inspired by the fun evening of painting with my niece. The craft paints and plates we used to dip the fruits and veggies in paint are still in a pile in the basement because I’m terrible about cleaning up messes, so I spread those out on the table, and instead of fruits and veggies, I sifted through my box of fiber supplies for something interestingly textured. I ended up dragging a couple of pieces of raffia dipped in red and white paint to make lines up and down the paper. Then I cut a circular shape from some lightly textured fabric, and used that as a stamp to apply black paint. It wasn’t as fun as making art with my niece, but I still enjoyed making a mess. Although, it might go without saying that I always enjoy making a mess.

Day 4 - 30x30x30

Day 4 – 30x30x30


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  1. Sara says:

    Crafting with a niece! Love it!

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