September 21, 2013

30x30x30: The D Card Project

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I’ve decided I have a brain parasite that eats my brain tissue and poops out art project ideas. I have at least two solid ideas with project names, and a few more fuzzy, unnamed ideas. I posted about my parasite on Facebook, and Courtney kindly helped me name it Arturo. If you can’t squash it, give it a name and a hug. Arturo it is.

Arturo has been wanting me to do an artist trading card project. Once he pooped out the idea, he kept pooping out reminders, so I figured I had better get on top of it. Artist trading cards are 2.5″ by 3.5″ individual works of art, typically created on some kind of art paper or card stock, depending on what art materials you want to use. You can buy packs of blanks online, which I suggest because there is a broader selection of types of paper, or you can buy them in some arts and crafts stores. I bought some at A.C. Moore because I’m too inpatient to wait for an online order. Obviously, you can also cut larger sheets of paper down to size, but the little packs are convenient. They are the size of baseball cards, so people who collect them typically keep them in the same clear display sleeves that baseball card collectors use.

I’m calling this art initiative The D Card Project, a reference to the practice of “playing the D card,” which essentially means using diabetes to one’s advantage. Participants and I will be using diabetes to our advantage by getting creative, connecting with each other by trading cards, and then having a tangible collection of mini artworks to remind us of our D friends and their ongoing support.

This is how I expect it to work: I’ll collect names and addresses of people who want to participate. If it’s less than 10-20 people, which is what I imagine it will be, then all of us will make cards for each other, and send them. At some point, I’d like to organize another round of trade, scheduling trades periodically. The logistics of it are sketchy because a lot depends on whether or not anyone even wants to participate. Interest will also dictate how often we do it. There’s no website, but for now, there’s a Facebook page.

Needless to say, it is very similar to the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange, but I think the small size of the cards make them less intimidating to people who don’t consider themselves artists, and quicker to make. There’s more flexibility with content, as opposed to the blue circle theme of the WDDPE. Also, The D Card Project isn’t intended to be an event in the same way that WDDPE is an event. I envision something smaller, more casual, and less structured. I want it to be a fun opportunity to connect with other diabetics, young and old (or people affected by diabetes), using art. Over time, I hope people who participate regularly build their own private collection of tiny works of art from the DOC.

I created a couple of cards, which are my 30x30x30 project for today.

D Card: I Am Diabetic

D Card: I Am Diabetic

D Card: Good Enough

D Card: Good Enough


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