September 9, 2013

Oops! Please Register to Access that Content!

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Sorry! The page you are trying to access is only available to registered users.

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I decided it was in my best professional interest to limit access to some content. If you have diabetes, care about someone with diabetes, are otherwise connected to diabetes, or if you just happen to be genuinely interested in my blog, I encourage you to register. If you need help answering the diabetes trivia questions, send me a message. You can email me, or send me a message through Facebook, either my personal account or through The Butter Compartment page. Or text me if you have my number. I’ll be glad to help if you need it. I just want to keep spammers out, and I don’t want people with whom I have more formal professional relationships confusing the nature of our relationship.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for your readership.

Peace and Love.
Lee Ann


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